Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Looming Iraqi Refugee Crisis

American policy makers start taking notes. C.Eduardo Vargas, a specialist in the Iraqi refugee crisis who has traveled the region, speaks about the developing crisis involving over 5,000,000 Iraqi refugees and internally displaced people. He presents American foreign policy makers with clear and strong actions to address this humanitarian and political challenge.

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cevargas said...


Currently House Resolution (H.R.) 578 is aimed at addressing “the impending humanitarian crisis and potential security breakdown as a result of the mass influx of Iraqi refugees into neighboring countries, and the growing internally displaced population in Iraq, by increasing directed accountable assistance to these populations and their host countries, facilitating the resettlement of Iraqis at risk, and for other purposes.”

The bill was referred to the House Judiciary Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee on 15 January 2009.

I strongly urge to write your representatives and express your support for this bill and concern for this humanitarian crisis.

C. Eduardo Vargas Toro
Intersections International

Ehab said...

I really appreciate the fact that Mr. . Eduardo Vargas was in the region and witnessed on gropund teh real size of the crisis of the Iraqi refugees, as an Iraqi my self I am fed up with people who are sitting behind their desks in DOS and analyzing the numbers and facts, we need people who are capable of tackling this human crisis in the same way Mr. Vargas did

Jack Campbell said...

I see this problem, in some ways, as an opportunity for the US. Setting aside the obvious fact that taking a lead role in solving the problem is the right thing to do--via resettlement to the US, aid for resettlement in other countries or other creative solutions--it's a perfect opportunity to start solving what Robert Kagan describes as 'America's Crisis of Legitimacy' (Foreign Affairs, Mar/Apr 2004, Vol. 83, Issue 2). Apologies for viewing it from this angle, but let's throw it in there: fringe benefits for the US were it to stick its neck out for the Refugees, notwithstanding its moral obligation.

Obama, just today, announced a new tone in Mid-East relations. What better way to punctuate that statement than to take the lead on the Iraqi refugee crisis?

Now let's talk about what, specifically, the US should do.

Ryan said...

Let's hope the Obama administration will help resolve this crisis that has future security and humanitarian implications for the Middle East and the US. Good forum to address these issues.

Mmonroi said...

I feel that for quite sometime now America’s essential problem has been that we have lost our way and have lost sight of the American “ideology.” The Bush Administration thought they would protect us by putting up more walls that eventually ended up disconnecting us emotionally and physically from the world.

Mr. Vargas has shared his personal experiences and provided us with data and insight to the Iraqi refugee crisis. This can be one of the ways that we can navigate ourselves back into the America that we once were, we should extend our hands in any possible way to help this growing number of displaced Iraqis. I would prefer my tax money giving hope and a future as opposed to war and death.

freyre said...

Previous to this podcast, I was unaware of this crisis. Thank you for bringing it to the attention of the greater American public.

mammlet said...

C.E. Vargas Toro?